Weekly Leftovers 6-3-13

It’s the dawn of another week at Second Breakfast, and Phil and Andy tell you what movies they saw last week, what movies are coming out this week you might be interested in, and One Big Thing that happened to them this week…movie-wise. (They’re particularly good this week. We did some cool stuff.) Enjoy!

What new releases are you looking forward to this week? Tell us in the comments! Got questions for the Mailbag? Email us at SecondBreakfastPodcast@gmail.com!

2 thoughts on “Weekly Leftovers 6-3-13

  1. I’m a new and occasional listener who recently heard Phil’s request for feedback about spoilers.

    This is that feedback:

    I appreciate the current lack of spoilers on the podcast, because you talk about a number of movies that I haven’t seen and might want to see. In the podcasts where you discuss movies that I have already seen, you do fine; I haven’t felt disappointed by a lack of specificity.

    That said, the podcast on “Mud” was also quite good. I had seen the movie (and, like you, enjoyed it greatly). Your elaborate spoiler alerts early in that podcast would have enabled me to decide whether to proceed with listening to it or not, if I hadn’t seen the film.

    Thanks for your good conversations. Do you two actually manage to lead somewhat normal lives despite so much time dedicated to movie-watching and movie-talking?

    • Thanks for the feedback!

      We’re glad you’re enjoying the podcast. As for your question: it depends heavily on how you define “somewhat normal.” I think we manage to…but I watch a ridiculous number of movies every week. That’s probably (hopefully) going to change in the not-too-distant future. I guess we’ll see!


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